A Fistful of Cows

Status: Finished
Release Date: 2010
Website: http://www.afistfulofcows.com
Download: http://www.afistfulofcows.com/?page_id=5

“A Fistful of Cows” is a complete videogame realized as my final degree project of the Videogame Creation Master, at the Pompeu Fabra University. It’s a beat’em up for PC with a cartoon-style and a strange western/Marss Attack! atmosphere. And cows xD

Together with another programmer, Jorge Otal, I implemented the entire game engine from zero, and I focused on the graphic engine that was developed closley with our 2 artists of the project, Pablo and Puche.

I used C++, DirectX 9.0c, HLSL, LUA and Cal3D to develop the game engine.

I developed tools for ourĀ artists too, using MaxScript and AntTweakBar with the game engine.Valinor, our particles tool, it’s an example.

As you can see, with Valinor you can built special effects using billboards and solid geometry with rigid or skeletal animaion.

You can donwload and play “A Fistful of Cows” from here.