Status: Finished
Release Date: 2009
Website: http://laboranova.lsi.upc.edu/xpertum
Research Paper: Xpertum competences and social networking

My final degree project, Xpertum, was part of the European research project Laboranova.

Xpertum is an interactive web-based tool for visualizing social networks, in terms of competences and people, which uses basically force-directed layouts and clustering algorithms.

The Xpertum System offers a distributed architecture. The domain layer is responsible of the data processing from data sources that can be independent of the application and provides the required visualization. This was currently being performed entirely by a flash application, but thanks to the architecture, the series of data sourcesĀ that can provide the required data for Xpertum is unlimited, as is the environment or the devices that can act as the client of the visualization, ranging from flash widgets to iPhone apps.

The main advantage of Xpertum is the versatility and transparency of data processing while increasing the performance and resource efficiency in the user side. Another collateral advantage is that building Xpertum in separate modules offers the development team to increase the number of algorithms and visualizations available transparently to the user.

You can try Xpertum here, read the final degree project documentĀ here or take a look of the research paper Xpertum competences and social networking.